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Sleeping Beauty
that's horrible landlords should not have to pay utilities , those utility companies want to dump their responsibility off on some one else that's f up
Comment from : Sleeping Beauty

Griffly Creations
So then does that mean rent gets to go up 400 dollars?
Comment from : Griffly Creations

Eric Johnson
The city is being lazy and pushing this off onto the landlords for no valid reasons! If the city doesn't like deadbeat utility customers, perhaps a wiser move is to get out of the utility providing business.
Comment from : Eric Johnson

Tokejuana Collide
How would it be regulated ? It's not landlords responsibility to pay for some one who heats house to 100 degrees , never turns off the lights. Or always runs the shower .

Sounds like democrats are trying to run landlords away. So they can over take people's homes and turn them into prisons.

Comment from : Tokejuana Collide

m Day
The Town Council needs to get their head out of their collective asses and get real!
It's none of the council's business!

Comment from : m Day

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