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noon dotcom
FractionalEX.com / FractionEX.com a great brandable name for fractional exchange
Comment from : noon dotcom

Ujjwal Tamboli
Comment from : Ujjwal Tamboli

This is great as long as you don't have any American dreams. House prices are high and will go up higher as our workers have to compete with foreign investors for a place to live.
Comment from : erNomic

RNDflo also has real-estate on the Blockchain : youtu.be/IFQfPlN4Fwk
Comment from : codesdk

great work
Comment from : m.youtube.com

Serious? SYScoin is basically few months away from making a total decentralized marketplace on WEB and has already big partners also in Real Estate.. Not even talking about technology behind SYScoin.. :)
Comment from : DarkCrypto

иван круглов
At this stage, the company does not have competitors, and given the professionalism of the team and management, which has already been demonstrated many times, one can say one hundred percent that this project has all chances to take a leading position in the sphere of business tokenization. t.me/TokenGo_EN
Comment from : иван круглов

Hey, Crypto Potluck, wondering why you didn't mention Propy since you're talking about Real Estate and the blockchain - have you heard of it?
Comment from : vtcolin

good points. I am doing my ICO would you like to be my voice? contact me at cryptodetective100@gmail.com

Big Bear
Good idea to focus on this area. Look forward to your future videos on this.
Comment from : Big Bear

Marchas Silver Recliner Report
Lol they better not take my business away Lol but actually I'm already checking into these tokens Thanks for discussing this and getting your views also just seen the potential interview links. I also see a lot of issues which I would love to hear about concerning Contracts, Title Searches , City, State and Fedral Taxes and State Laws as they are all different. Awesome..
Comment from : Marchas Silver Recliner Report

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