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Leena Bella Mayo
HI and thanks for sharing the video . I am preparing to launch an app and platform to allow people to co-buy property . The market is people who know each other and need the infrastructure we provide and people who are looking for partners who are seeking member partners background checks and pre-qualifications are to be done and presented in each person's provide visible to members. Membership is free. QUESTION - how do you suggest I incorporate blockchain into my business in a phase II strategy following our launch? Thanks Leena-Bella

Comment from : Leena Bella Mayo

rahul mjagan
Great videos! Concepts explained in a simple/clear fashion.

Can you please make a video on how Blockchain can be used in Supply Chain and Purchasing?

Comment from : rahul mjagan

Rachel E Patterson
Could there ever be a political and/or socio-economic fact checking application? something that brings together historic events and politicians (and academics?) speeches and statements and confirms or denies veracity? It could help journalists, help snopes and politifact, and of course anyone who reads news online... What might something like that look like, if even possible?
Comment from : Rachel E Patterson

vaibhav vishal
How to do job search on blockchain in India?
Comment from : vaibhav vishal

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